What Love Is Made Of – Katy B (Review)

Review of What Love Is Made Of by Katy B

OK, so this isn’t the most up to date track and you could ask “Why the hell are you so late?” Well there is a reason, Katy B has just released a whole new bag of remixes including Felix Da House Cat, Brackles and MK among others.

Review of What Love Is Made of by Katy B

Review of What Love Is Made of by Katy B

So first to the original.  The track is sublime, with heavy presence from a beautifully put together house piano beat, Katy B sings out What Love Is Made Of with real feeling and with the sense she is sat on a beach on the white isle and actually hitting these lyrics at a love interest.  I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Katy B, whilst recognising she has released some good stuff, I feel some of her material is great whilst others is forced in to the generic UK dance feel.

This is different, What Love Is Made Of Is brilliant from a music level, the vocals are superb, the composition is superb and of course it has a killer dance beat that can’t fail to get even the most stiff of us get up and move.  Kick off your shows, don your sunnys and get down to a floor filler.

Now on to the remixes.

Brackles gives the Katy B masterpiece a bit of an odd 1980s arcade feel to it, with a lot of bippy boppy, bouncing up and down.  Then this is replaced by a deep electronic bassline, meaning you will undoubtedly hear this on the clubbing circuit.  Yes it has a nice flavour to it for the dancefloor, but it has also lost some of the passion in the original and whilst I could dance to this in the club, I wouldn’t fancy having it on repeat at home.

Felix Da House Cat is known throughout the dance music game and he is a well known master of the remix.  This is another great example, using real standout sounds and a few influences from 90s rave (think a bit Altern8 or even early Prodigy and the influences are there).  The remix whilst making the track completely different, we recognise that is what a remix is about, still maintains some of the purity of the original and Katy‘s stunning vocals still standout.

The MK remix starts off leading with Katy B‘s voice.  Then in pops a menacingly heavy bassline that plays havoc on your headphones/speakers (delete as appropriate).  The repetitive nature of he intro, again means its not a bedroom listen, but as the momentum grows you can just feel you would love this in the club.  As MK experiments with different electronic sounds, the vocal is so prominent we get the feel of an accapella performance over a dance backing.

All of the remixes are great in their own right and each of their own merits.  I really like the complexity of the MK remix and the engineering that went in to constructing the remix.  If I was to pick a favourite though the Felix Da House Cat would be my choice.  Although if you pushed me, the original still kills it hands down.  Whatever my personal view, Katy B has nailed it with What Love Is Made Of.


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