Supersoaker by Kings of Leon (Review)

Review of Supersoaker by Kings of Leon

It is without any shadow of doubt, that Kings of Leon are one of the biggest contemporary acts in their genre.  There probably isn’t a single person on the planet that couldn’t name you at least one of their tracks.  Their sound has developed over the year, getting a bit more commercial, but without really losing their musical integrity.

Review of Supersoaker by Kings of Leon

Review of Supersoaker by Kings of Leon

However, what first strikes you when you hit play on Supersoaker is just how reminiscent it sounds.  Now don’t take that as dated or nostalgic, what I mean by that comment is, how familiar it sounds compared to the early sound of Kings of Leon.  The track taken from the band’s sixth album, Mechanical Bull, gives the youthful, expressive and infectious days.  This genuinely sounds like Kings of Leon of old.

The composition of music is expertly made, with strong guitar, bass, drums and a nice percussion sound emanating throughout Supersoaker.  The harmonies are brilliant and the hooks make Supersoaker a track you will have on repeat on your MP3 player.  The vocals in parts are obviously placed in to a zone suitable for a commercial recording, however, it also contains realness and in parts real emotion that brings the listener along in the journey of the song.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Supersoaker isn’t a deep and meaningful song, and neither does it pretend to be.  This is pure entertainment, light hearted and energetic.  In fact you wouldn’t be able to see the title of the track on the shelves as it has Hit written all over it.  Kings of Leon Brilliant!


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