Bruce Springsteen Cardiff Gig Review

Review of Bruce Springsteen Gig in Cardiff

So why go to a gig when you hardly know any of artist’s songs?

That’s the question most will ask of me seeing Bruce Springsteen at Millennium Stadium. Yes I know quite a few – probably all the hits, and I do own a couple of non-greatest hits collections (Human Touch, and Born in the USA – like everyone else), but I heard that his live shows were legendary, and boy was that right.

Review of Bruce Springsteen live in Cardiff

Review of Bruce Springsteen live in Cardiff

The stadium was halved, but that added to the atmosphere – bringing everyone closer to the big man himself. If you, like me, have never been to see Springsteen, he does this thing where he takes requests from the audience – during the first few songs, he went out and grabbed the banners with song titles on and this then formed the basis of the next few songs in the set. Even performing a song never been performed live before. Hard to believe granted, but when your back catalogue resembles War & Peace there’s bound to be some omissions.

Couple of highlights of the night includes when Bruce got a 7 year old boy up on stage (in his ear defenders too bless) and he sang out part of the song to the rapturous cheers of the capacity crowd. Also, Eric Burdon from the Animals duetted on We gotta get out of this place, not to mention some of the crowd at the front getting on stage during Dancing in the Dark, and being Courtney Cox!

The full set list is below, total songs 33. Total playtime, about 3 & 1/2 hours. Quite funny to note that the Millennium Stadium lights went up at about 1025 and you could see the backroom staff assembling to usher everyone out.

Returning to my original question about – it’s a bonus to know the songs granted, but even if you don’t, the sheer quality of a performer that Springsteen is will get you through. Although, bear in mind, if you need the toilet, you might have a little trouble for a toilet break (although I picked Cynthia for mine). Another thing to note, don’t bet on getting the last bus/train if you see the Boss.

As far as I’m aware I think I saw the entire gig, but having read the setlist, I’m not too sure – can’t quite remember Thunder Road, but in honesty even if I had heard it, not too sure I’d have known it was it.

So back to the start – yes, if you can, see bands you don’t know much about – it increases your musical education, and you might find you know more than you realise, together with a new found love for the artist.

If all bosses were like Springsteen, we’d all work a lot better


This Little Light of Mine

Long Walk Home

Adam Raised a Cain

Prove It All Night

TV Movie



Death to My Hometown

We Take Care of Our Own

Wrecking Ball

Spirit in the Night

Hungry Heart

My City of Ruins

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Boom Boom

Cadillac Ranch

Summertime Blues

You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)

Pay Me My Money Down

Shackled and Drawn

Waitin’ on a Sunny Day

The Rising



Tougher Than the Rest

Born to Run


I’m a Rocker

Dancing in the Dark

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out


This Little Light of Mine

Janey, Don’t You Lose Heart

Thunder Road

Review by Patrick Downes


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