The Sting by Gabriella Cilimi (Review)

Single Review: Gabriella Cilimi – The Sting

Whoa.  The recent change of direction in Gabriella Cilimi’s new image is quite dramatic.  Gone is the girl famous for her 2007 hit Sweet About Me.  Enter a sultry and strong woman singing about running from The Sting.  But, having stolen honey from the hive its no wonder the “bees are still following” her.  This Australian/Italian artist is looking more Italian in her new video, with cropped black hair and dressed in black, radiating sultriness.

Gabriella Climi

Gabriella Climi

Cilmi left Island Records to pursue her own musical direction, and clearly inspired by artists she has always loved, influences came from Neil Young, John Martyn and Otis Redding.  The video for her new song The Sting combines her new songwriting approach and her appreciation for postwar Italian neo-realism.  This amalgamation captures this vulnerable and traumatised look, which is extremely evident in her new video.

Review of The Sting by Gabriella Climi

Review of The Sting by Gabriella Climi

Saying the song is about ‘karma’ Cilmi has written lyrics such as “a world so appetising I had to lick the icing” and “why do good things to happen to bad bad people, why do bad things happen to good good people” the message in the song seems to be that you can’t have you cake and eat it!  As Gabriella sings “if the devil were a woman maybe she’d understand me”.

A more mature direction for this 21 year old, her voice is as smooth as honey and she seems at ease in her new persona.  With a confident swagger and highly listenable lyrics, Gabriella Cilmi should gain a hoard of new fans with this new song.  And if this song is representative of her new album, bring it on, the bees will follow you all the way to your hive.

Review by Sara Parker


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