Sultanov by Sultanov (Album Review)

Album Review: Sultanov – Sultanov

Sultanov is a Russian singer songwriter who has recently released his debut self-titled album.  Coming from a family of acclaimed Russian artists, he has used his experiences and knowledge to showcase his art in his album and accompanying artwork.

Debut Album from Sultanov

Debut Album from Sultanov

Sultanov has made an album that would be at home in the 80’s or early 90’s. Most of the tracks are reminiscent of the aforementioned era’s pop ballads.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that Sultanov has been co-written by Andy Wright who has worked with Annie Lennox and Simply Red.

The first track from Moscow-based multi-instrumentalist is a catchy upbeat track combining many layers of music and vocals.  Although heavy on synth sound Keep On Running is a song that will give you serious earworm.  Evident in the fact that it has gained over 50,000 views in its first week on YouTube. Watch it here (

Second single from the album Break Free was premiered on Huffington Post early July 2013, and carries on in the same vain as the previous track – as do the next few.  Same formula – same rhythmic chorus.  However, if you like catchy pop tunes, then this album will leave you feeling satisfied.

As Sultanov admits himself, he doesn’t really know what his sound is which is apparent in this record.  His debut album is a mixed bag of music.  He likes his synth sounds, strings and brass instrument, but then tones it down with songs such as Touched which is a slight deviation from the majority of the songs on the album, adding elements of flamenco sounds and rhythms.

Can’t Change is the album’s instrumental.  A piano melody complemented with stings thus providing a softer classical sound.  Although it seems slightly out of place to end an album of euro-pop style music.

Give Sultanov a listen.  You may find yourself transported to another era and you may like it.

Review by Sara Parker


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