Not Listening by Times Red (Review)

Review of Not Listening by Times Red

After a short appearance during the judges’ houses stage on the last series of The X Factor, Times Red have maintained a loyal fan base while remaining under the radar. I distinctly remember being extremely gutted when Scott, Luke and Staz were turned down by Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne.

Review of Not Listening by Times Red

Review of Not Listening by Times Red

Nevertheless, on 4th August, the group are due to release their debut single ‘Not Listening’ and it’s a real summer tune.  While the lyrics may be slightly repetitive at points, it’s incredibly catchy and fits right in with the current vibe in the charts with help from the heavy acoustic sounding guitar featured. In fact, a perfect comparison would be Bruno Mars’, ‘The Lazy Song’.

The accompanying music video, even though the self-shot parts are a bit different, looks like a typical boy band video with your predictable amount of females – one for each group member. It’s a good effort for a first try… After all, I did end up with the chorus stuck in my head for a good hour subsequent to listening to it for the first time.

If you like a song that’s upbeat and reminds you of sunshine, then ‘Not Listening‘ is your ideal match. However, if you’re more inclined towards heavy metal or the alternative end of the spectrum, I highly suggest looking in the other direction.

Oh and, one more thing, I will definitely be buying it.

You can still catch our interview with Times Red as well.

Review by Daisy Thomas


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