Beat’s Our Guide by Ms Trez (Review)

Review of Beat’s Our Guide by Ms Trez

Being more of a fan of the Indie and Rock genre, Ms Trez is something I may have previously not chosen to listen to, but as I’ve gotten older and experienced music through various forms of education my taste has developed. I review their new EP for Music EyzMs Trez offers some brilliant pop tracks with many a catchy hook.

Review of Beats Our Guide by Ms Trez

Review of Beats Our Guide by Ms Trez

The track ‘Man Up’ is a fantastic example of this, a female view on relationships with a chorus that will leave you singing along long after you have finished listening to it. In contrast to this, there’s the mellower sound on the track ‘Sweet Liar’, highlighting the girl’s vocal abilities but also keeping with the poppy feel of the other more upbeat tracks on the entirety of ‘Beat’s Our Guide‘.

The Ms Trez are clearly incredibly talented vocalists and I think this is why I liked it so much, not just another girl group but members of musical talent. They will definitely appeal to fans of girl groups and pop music, and maybe even a guilty pleasure or two to fans of different genres!

Overall, I really enjoyed the whole of ‘Beat’s Our Guide‘ and it was well worth a listen. With little expectations for it, I was pleasantly surprised by how good the tracks were and it is definitely something I will continue to listen to in the future!

Review by Nicky Pennycook


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