Babel by Mumford & Sons (Review)

Review of Mumford & Sons – Babel

Mumford’s Highly Addictable Video” Mumford & Sons new video for ‘Babel‘ gives the impression that the video has been shot in one continuous scene, with all four members being filmed playing their instruments in their own unique way – a way which fans of the band will be used to seeing during live performances.

Review of Babel by Mumford and Sons

Review of Babel by Mumford and Sons

Shot in a large hall with graffiti adorned walls the video showcases what these four musicians do best – play instruments and perform.  A simplistic yet effective video, with the band playing all their instruments – Ben on keys then piano (and bass drum), Win on his banjo throughout, Ted on his bass then double bass and Marcus mainly playing his guitar then foot stomping his bass drum.  But whom is the guy leaning against the wall in the middle of the video?  A new fifth member perhaps?

A very energetic approach and each scene seems to match the tone and tempo of the different parts of the song.  Perhaps the message in the song seems to be more important to relay, hence a video that also focuses on the emotion with which Marcus sings.

The video is very addictable, with so much to watch, and although there is not much of a storyboard, this will please Mumford fans as they star in the whole video repeatedly, over and over again!

Review by Sara Parker


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