Let Me Explain by Snoop Dogg, Erick Sermon and Method Man (Review)

Review of Let Me Explain by Snoop Dogg, Erick Sermon and Method Man

Firstly, lets get one thing out the way.  Apparently this is in dedication to some show by US comedian Kevin Hart.  Now personally, I have never heard of him or ‘Let Me Explain‘.  Right, now that’s out of the way, lets get on with the business in hand, review of the new track from this trio.

Let Me Explain by Erick Sermon, Snoop Dogg and Method Man

Review of Let Me Explain by Erick Sermon, Snoop Dogg and Method Man

So its rare we can step forward and review a track by a Hip Hop legend, let alone a track by three all in one. ‘Let Me Explain‘ features the lyrical stylings of Snoop Dogg, Erick Sermon and Method Man. These are some of the true greats of the golden years of Hip Hop, so what will happen when they all come together for this dream collaboration.

Firstly on ‘Let Me ExplainSnoop Dogg is using his new alias Snoop Lion, but we will continue to refer to him as Snoop Dogg.

Erick Sermon opens up ‘Let Me Explain‘ with his laid back, Def Squad lyrics.  He genuinely plays up to the style that made him one of the names and the stable owner at Def Squad.  A really strong opening.  After a couple of snippets from Kevin Hart and RL on the vocals for the chorus, it then breaks for Snoop DoggSnoop then raps using his unique tone and brings a new flavour which surely can’t be topped.  Extended sentences, his droll and trademark Snoopisms bring the track to life.

But wait, we still have Method Man.  Can the former Wu man do anything on this track?  Well it may be my bias towards the man, but he steals the show.  All three rappers have that laid back tone to their voice.  None of the rappers spit any lyrics or messages that break any moulds or deliver strong political messages.  But Method Man, uses his lyrical flow, his unique voice and an innate ability to put on a show.  He short, sharp lines delivered in the Meth way just steal the whole ‘Let Me Explain‘ track.

Now I love Snoop, and Sermon will always be up there.  But Meth proves why he is one of my favourite rappers of all time.  We need new music Mr Meth and soon.

Overall, if you were to review this track in terms of musical production, its composition or its message to influence change, its probably a big fat no.  However, all three rappers provide their own unique skills to ‘Let Me Explain‘ and lift an average track to a really good track.  You really must listen.

Damn, I may even dig out a Kevin Hart DVD from somewhere.


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