Introducing Temples

Introducing Temples

Dig out your old vinyl, throw on the colourful threads and grow your hair again: your new favourite band could be here.
Colours to Life by Temples

Colours to Life by Temples

You’ll probably have already familiarised yourself with the late-Beatles tinges of Temples‘ Summer release, ‘Shelter Song‘, which slots neatly into the recent burst of new Psychedelia which seems to be rising to prominence in 2013. The underground may have turned for the better.
Temples have sunk their teeth neatly into a perfect blend of melodic, twangy guitar chimes and vocal harmonies deriving from the sound of The Byrds – alongside neo-psych, dirty rock riffs and powerful grooves. Be you a bedroom stoner with a lust for psychedelia, a sharp-suited 60s enthusiast or a lover of all things guitar – this band could well be right up your street.
With lead vocalist James Bagshaw bearing a striking resemblance to Marc Bolan and shading his face with specks of glitter in the band’s recent ‘Colours To Life‘ video, it’s easy to get caught up in trippy nostalgia and develop an urge to write bands like Temples off. Nevertheless, scratch beneath the surface and there is fantastic soundscape potential in their production for a band yet to release an album – and for a band who only formed midway through 2012, you have to credit their chemistry and how far they’ve been able to come. It’s not every new band that’s supporting Kasabian, Suede, The Vaccines and The Rolling Stones within a year of forming, is it? And for Noel Gallagher to cite them as one of the best new bands around, currently; then surely these guys are on the right path.
The lads have yet to set a date for their debut album release, stating that they’re cautious not to rush into anything. However, a simple search on Youtube can lead you to six or seven very promising songs which adds to my personal eagerness for what is still to come from these fresh-faced, retro-driven Kettering boys.
Temples have announced a UK tour of small clubs and venues over October/November 2013. Tickets available now.
Review by Robbie Thomson

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