Holy Grail by Jay Z ft Justin Timberlake (Review)

Review of Holy Grail by Jay Z ft Justin Timberlake

So it’s the album everyone has been anticipating – Jay Z – ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail‘. The single, featuring Justin Timberlake, ‘Holy Grail‘ is just one track off the album set to be a hit.  There’s no denying these two have a connection and a bond when working together, evidenced further when they both featured on Justin‘s track ‘Suit and Tie‘ and then setting off on Tour together.  The tour sees them headlining and performing Friday 12th until the 14th of July at Wireless Festival in Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park.

Jay Z Magna Carta Album Cover

Jay Z Magna Carta Album Cover

The track ‘Holy Grail‘ starts of with a slow piano beat and Justin Timberlake starting it off mellow and relaxed and then, just over a minute in, the main man himself Jay Z joins the song. There’s no denying Jay Z has talent, and super talent at that. He is one of the few artists that has been around for so long and never let us down with any tracks or albums, he has even retired to then come back from it bigger and better than ever.  With his own Record Label and superstars signees, its obvious to see he knows what he is doing when it comes to music and the industry.

Then to top it off, teaming up with another major artist in the industry it doesn’t get any better than Justin Timberlake. The duo are unbeatable lately when it comes to performing and the subsequent tracks they produce.
The first time I heard this track, I can’t lie, I absolutely loved it! The beats are song as a whole is creative, catchy and all work together, like they match up like the perfect jigsaw puzzle and each piece fits together, like it was meant to be. With Justin‘s soothing tones and Jay Z ‘s creative lyrics it’s a match made in heaven.

As soon as Jay Z makes a hit you know it, and this song is proving just that. He works in such a way that he produces hit after hit and it’s like he’s unaware of how talented he is. It just seems to come to him and the words just roll right of the tongue. He doesn’t just say any old lyrics either, if you listen properly you’ll be able to see the message he is trying to give or the subliminal he is using. That’s pure talent right there alone.
Overall after the anticipating wait, I absolutely adore Jays new album and it is definitely one to invest in. Guarantee it wont disappoint.

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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