My Life in Music

My Life in Music

Music makes so many memories for us all.  It is often said that people could make a soundtrack to their lives that is so meaningful to them its resonates throughout their existence.  Music is so influential it can shape and influence what we think and how we act.  People often say they play a certain tune when they are in a certain mood.

Life in Music Wordcloud

Life in Music and what it means to people

It is with this in mind we launch our new feature. ‘My Life in Music’.  In the feature we ask a number of famous names from music, TV, film and any walk of life where they are known to the public to nominate tracks that mean something to them.  As a bit of fun, we also tell them what was number one on the day they were born.  Now that could cause embarrassment, particularly if you were born with Aqua as your number one.

Anyway, please keep looking back to see who we speak to and the music that makes their lives.

First stop for us is singer songwriter Frank Turner.


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