Introducing Alize Levy

Introducing Alize Levy

Yes, you got it the surname is familiar.  No Alize isn’t related to Spurs chairman Daniel Levy but she is the daughter of reggae legend Barrington LevyBarrington Levy has collaborations with many artists to his name, but perhaps the most well-known was the ’98 collaboration with Snoop Dogg.  Anyway, back to Alize.

Now Alize Levy has been on the scene for a couple of years now.  Working hard on her music, with little noise made by the masses on the web or major media outlets.  So, it seems strange that we are doing an “Introducing…” piece on her.  Particularly strange when you think her dad should be able to pull a few strings.  But you know what? That’s what makes Alize Levy even more intriguing as an artist.

Introducing Alize Levy

Introducing Alize Levy

Her latest upload to her youtube channel is an acoustic number called ‘Do As I’m Told’ which features a powerful chorus with Alize showing great control over a pretty powerful delivery.  She also displays real emotion while delivering the song.  There may be some small issues over the delivery and the lengthening of certain vocals, but this is a minor complaint given the quality of her singing.

Another one of her tracks ‘Smile’ is sung over a bit more of a dance style backing track.  The whole production is well put together and again the voice of Alize is striking in its rawness and incredible delivery, a real singers singer.

I genuinely hope that Alize Levy gets the cut through she deserves as the voice deserves to be heard on a wider scale.  Check her out now.  Alize, a little tip for you as well.  Get Barrington to have a word with Snoop to shout out for you.


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