I Am What I Am by Mark Morrison (Review)

Review of I Am What I Am by Mark Morrison

Mark Morrison is back with his new single ‘I Am What I Am‘ out later this month, a new album of the same title and a world tour.  But is this a case of ‘Return of the Mack‘ or “return of some crap”?

Well right from the very first listen, there is no doubt you are listening Mark Morrison, described by his PR as “The King of UK RnB”.  However Mark’s voice is heavily treated making him sound a bit too synthed and computerised.  The lyrics are also a long way from his ‘Return of the Mack‘ days and the pop friendly tone and lyrics are more reminiscent of the Will Smith appearance on the Family Guy epitomised by the line “I’m the type of man who works to live, loves his wife and raise his kids”.

Review of I Am What I Am by Mark Morrison

Review of I Am What I Am by Mark Morrison

The chorus and lyrics are pretty repetitive and you have no doubt that Mark Morrison is ‘I Am What I Am‘ but the positive and caring aspect of the song isn’t lost on the listener.

Taking aside the over produced sound of Morrison‘s voice and you get to the composition of the track.  It is a really well put together track, although the track is repetitive it does have a pretty cool pop hook.  The video is set in a jazz club and shows Mark delivering his laid back lines in a real musical environment.

So, although ‘I Am What I Am‘ may not be a classic and probably not a number one hit, it does show a new level of maturity for Mark Morrison.  Genuinely give this a few listens as it is a definite grower.


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