Introducing Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses – Introduced Species review

The new offering from the band Hands Like Houses is ‘Introduced Species’ taken from their upcoming LP ‘Unimagine’, which is produced by James Paul Wisner the man behind the likes of current artists like Paramore.

Introducing Hands like Houses

Introducing Hands like Houses

This is a fantastic track from the Australian band, with a driving guitar melody and drums to match the ferocity and force behind the song. Great for the rock genre that seems to be lacking publicly in today’s music industry.

Long since a fan of artists that write and play their own music, Hands Like Houses produce a track in ‘Introduced Species‘ that many would relate to lyrically but ultimately it is also just a good track to listen to if you’re a fan of guitar music.

Also consisting of a catchy chorus that you find yourself almost chanting along to with the “We don’t belong here” lyric, something that would definitely get the crowd involved at a live gig!

Overall, I believe this is a well-written and produced song, which is sure to gain many more fans for the band. I myself am looking forward to checking out some more of their music! With the release of their second LP following soon after this track on the 22nd July, this is one to check out!

Review by Nicky Pennycock


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