Findlay Gig at Bedford Corn Exchange (Review)

Review of Findlay Gig at Bedford Corn Exchange June 2013

You’re probably sat wondering who Findlay are. Are they a band? Is it a solo act? My initial reaction when I met Natalie Findlay was that she was a solo artist. I’m actually unsure as to whether it’s just her with a band behind her or if it’s a band as a whole and, even after the interview with her, I’m still unclear as to what Findlay can be defined as.

Review of Findlay Gig at Bedford

Review of Findlay Gig at Bedford

So the band walks on stage and Natalie mumbles her introduction into the microphone. She didn’t seem to be the most talkative of people when I spoke to her but the moment the group commenced their first song, it’s like she transformed into an entirely different person. You know when you’re a young child and you get stage fright and your parents tell you that the moment the light hits you, you’ll forget that you’re stood in front of a crowd of people? That happened to her. It was as if she was meant to perform because, the moment the spotlight hit her, she came out of her shell.

When I interviewed her before she went on stage with the rest of the band, she described the music to be a mix between pop, rock and blues. I, on the other hand, would totally associate her music in the alternative rock genre. My instant reaction to the music was to relate it with the likes of Paramore. This comparison only furthered when I heard Natalie’s huge vocal range and almost effortless riffs as I instantly familiarised her with Hayley Williams, the lead singer of the band. One song in particular comes to mind and that is ‘Off and On‘, which is also the name of Findlay’s EP. Some people may compare the chorus of this song to that of “screamo” music, as she repeatedly shouts “off and on” louder and louder each time. Nevertheless, the song shows off Natalie’s gritty voice, which seems to be a common feature amongst popular female singers these days.

I’ve likened Findlay to Paramore  but I couldn’t quite put my finger on who else she reminded me of and it wasn’t until I played the song Fever for my mum who, straight away, turned around and said, “that sounds like Florence and the Machine”. Thank God she said that, because it had been bugging me for ages.

While the music isn’t what you’d typically find on my iPod, there was one song which, when it’s released, I will be buying the moment it’s out. ‘Greasy Love‘ is a new song which, according to her Twitter, she’s just recently begun to record. It’s the kind of song you’d hear on the radio and instantly use Shazam to find out exactly what it is so that you can run to your computer and buy it.

However, compared to the other songs I saw her play, including the relatively well-known song ‘Your Sister‘ (think of that what you will), it has more of a modern pop feel which you’d link with top 40 hits.

Even though she seemed to be in her element, her erratic behaviour on stage seemed to detract from the songs at some points. It might be part of her showmanship or it might have been a onetime thing, but nonetheless, it was incredibly strange to watch unfold before my eyes.

Despite this, Natalie seems to be a very talented musician, albeit, a little aloof. With a spot secured at the infamous Reading and Leeds Festival later on this year, a new EP due to be released soon and backing from NME, I expect big things for the Manchester girl.

I wish Findlay the best of luck and I hope to see a full length debut album in shops in the not-so distant future!

Review by Daisy Thomas


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