Introducing Kiss Off

Introducing Kiss Off

Like me, you may never of heard of girl group Kiss Off, but be prepared to hear there name a lot more. The group consists of three members Jodie, Mandy and Abbie who in recent live performances have been given positive and uplifting reviews.  (See our review of the girls at AllStarz Party)

Introducing Kiss Off

Introducing Kiss Off

Now, Kiss Off aren’t your ‘typical’ girl group and they aren’t your sweet girly pop group, but three individuals who are going more towards what is described as a ‘fresh pop rock’ sound.
The Kiss Off sound is certainly fresh and unlike anything I have heard in recent years, not my usual sound but nonetheless, very interesting listening and definitely 3 girls to look out for. The rock edge vibe that oozes out in their tracks is creative, certainly fresh and I can see lots of teenage girls loving it!
Whilst listening to a couple of the tracks the girls sent me, I sensed a very positive message in them. They said a lot of truth in their lyrics, which a lot of people would be able to relate to, especially teenage girls.  One of their tracks I listened to goes by the name of ‘Misfits’ and it gives out an incredible message about believing in your self and not conforming to society, but being happy with who you are no matter what. In my opinion this is a great message to send out, especially as nowadays a lot of music out there is focused on all the negative aspects of life, this gives you a different perspective. The track is very rocky, the beats and the drum beat throughout is very catchy and you can imagine, it would be a great show to see the girls live.

I also listened to another of their tracks called ‘Number One’  which also has a great guitar intro to it. As I said not something I would usually listen to but I can’t deny the girls are extremely talented and passionate about their music.

This is why you should always be open minded with music as you never know the hidden talent that is out there until you dig a little deeper. Expect huge things from Kiss Off, for sure.

Follow them on Twitter @KissOffMusic

By Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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