Cold Front by Laura Welsh (Review)

Review of Cold Front by Laura Welsh

Her first single ‘Cold Front‘ from label Polydor/Outsiders, Laura Welsh provides a beautiful track with a stunning visual to match. Having not heard of her previously, I was intrigued to hear what Laura Welsh‘s music would have to offer. Some could say  ‘Cold Front‘ is a simplistic track but it had me humming along after a couple of listens. With an electronic vibe for the backing track, this wouldn’t normally be something I’d personally chose to listen to but after the first time of hearing it, her flawless voice had me hooked. Including a chorus you’d find sticking in your head long after listening to the track.

Review of Cold Front by Laura Welsh

Review of Cold Front by Laura Welsh

I believe that ‘Cold Front‘ is a breath of fresh air to music at the moment, simplistic but catchy and from someone who has a strong vocal ability. It may not be something that will shift 1000s upon 1000s of copies, but for fans of singer/songwriters this is a definite listen. A clever hook with lyrical aspects to match and a vocal that suits to the slick style of the track.

The video alone stands as a stunning piece of art and is cleverly edited together to fit with the message from the song. Videos like this could normally detract from the actual song but the two components compliment each other.

If you haven’t heard ‘Cold Front‘ you should definitely give it a go, a well-crafted track and a fantastic example of great talent from a budding singer/songwriter!

Review by Nicky Pennycock


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