Somebody To Die For by Hurts (Review)

Review of Somebody To Die For by Hurts

We have had a little bit of a soft spot for Hurts for some time now.  The band make unashamedly good music.  Remember that good old fashioned type of music, with instruments, haunting vocals that hit the notes and a hugely emotional chorus.

Review of Somebody to Die For by Hurts

Review of Somebody to Die For by Hurts

Somebody To Die For‘ is the band’s latest single from second album ‘Exile‘.  We reviewed ‘Blindthe previous track from the boys in April and loved that too.  ‘Somebody To Die For‘ feels like a passionate track, with lead singer Theo Hutchcraft opening up the emotional roller coaster from the opening line.

The vocals lead on the theme of the title and explores that not even the devil can scare Theo.  The track builds up momentum throughout to a massively emotional chorus.  With interludes of extremely well orchestrated soundtrack mixing piano sounds with some great bass.

By the way, in the opening did we say instruments?  Well that was a bit of a fib.  The thing is, the production is so good, the boys take synth-pop to a whole new level.  The track is so well put together you get fooled in to thinking this is a huge production, but it is just the two of them, synthesist Adam Anderson performs miracles.

I don’t think that this track will score widespread chart success, it just doesn’t feel like how the charts are at the moment.  However, if there is the lack of a number one for this track, it doesn’t mean a thing. ‘Somebody To Die For’ is a fantastic track that definitely wins a place on the iPod in Music Eyz towers.


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