#Breakthrough by David Keigh ft Rell Riley (Review)

Review of #Breakthrough by David Keigh ft Rell Riley

#Breakthrough‘ by David Keigh is a techno rap track that features rapper Rell Riley too. It starts off with a bass loaded intro that makes use of some electronic effects and synth to merge hip-hop with house/dance music, and pleasantly pulls it off. David Keigh has an amazing flow and accomplishes the feat of spitting out several lines in the matter of seconds. What makes it more refreshing than an average hip-hop track is that he uses audio effects on his voice to make them sound robotic, which is rare for upcoming artists to do.

Review of #Breakthrough by David Keigh ft Rell Riley

Review of #Breakthrough by David Keigh ft Rell Riley

However the first two verses seem very repetitive as the same effects and compositions are used, making the sounds of ‘#Breakthrough‘ somewhat boring on more listens. Also the chorus/chorus lead lyrics aren’t the most thought through as Keigh rhymes “This beat is crazy, Like Oh My Day-Z” – this line highlights that the track feels rushed.

Despite this, guest rapper Rell Riley pulls it all back with a swaggered, bold rap that’s more memorable and slightly better than the slower singing/talking by Keigh. In conclusion, it isn’t a bad track especially with the use of effects and genre cross over sound; however the interest of the backing track can be drowned by the meaningless lyrics which is unfortunate. Nevertheless for a new, upcoming artist, the song does show some strength.

Review by Bally Athwal


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