Soundboy Kill by Raekwon ft Melanie Fiona (Review)

Review of Soundboy Kill by Raekwon ft Melanie Fiona

Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu.  I used to love the Wu-Tang Clan when I was growing up.  The skills the whole clan displayed from The Rza, The Gza, Inspektah Deck through to the distinctive flows of the smooth Method Man and the craziness of Ol Dirty Bastard.  But there was always something special about the skills displayed by Raekwon.

Review of Soundboy Kill by Raekwon ft Melanie Fiona

Review of Soundboy Kill by Raekwon ft Melanie Fiona

Raekwon had that unique rough tone to his delivery yet being as comfortable delivering quick hard and high impact rhymes as he was with the smoother more soulful tracks.  Raekwon is probably the one with the most longevity in terms of actually rapping.

So it was a pleasure to receive the link to his new joint ‘Soundboy Kill’ which features the female vocals of Melanie Fiona, an unknown to me.  The track opens up with a heavy intro that sets the tone.  Swiftly followed up with an industrial sounding Wu inspired music backdrop.  The beat is hard as you would expect and Raekwon delivers with his usual killer rhymes.

Melanie Fiona kicks in to sing the chorus.  She mixes a great female soulful side to her voice with a nod back to some old raga or dancehall in her delivery.  The two really complement each other and the addition of the Melanie‘s vocal adds a real slick flavour to the track.

The production on ‘Soundboy Kill’ as you would expect is first class, which always aids Raekwon and provides a quality track, which some contemporary artists could learn from.  Yes the track has a commercial angle on it, but it still retains credibility as a proper Hip Hop track.

When you go on Raekwon‘s soundcloud there are other good tracks to pick up, including ‘All About You‘ ft Estelle.


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