Jahmene Douglas Releases New Material

Jahmene Douglas Releases New Material

Whether you’re an X Factor-ite or not, there’s no doubt that anyone can dispute that Jahmene Douglas can sing, and with such heart, soul and passion. I was won over by his vocal, more than the shy, jittery nervous guy who stacked shelves at Asda and who was good to his mum.

Review Halo by Jahmene Douglas

Review of Halo by Jahmene Douglas

Listening to ‘Halo’ from his forthcoming debut album release ‘Love Never Fails‘, it’s a rather brave move taking on this mighty Beyonce track, especially who herself socks it out with such rigor at every live performance going.  There are no great surprises in production and arrangement, but that doesn’t matter as this is who Jahmene is and do we really want him any other way?

He also covers some other pretty iconic songs including ‘I’ and a duet with the current reigning champion mentor Nicole Scherzinger on ‘The Greatest Love Of All‘ by Whitney Houston, who Jahmene credits as one of the artiste’s who influenced him the most. ‘Love Never Fails‘ is released on 22nd July 2013.

Listen to ‘Halo‘ below

By Jacqui Wright


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