Judas Priest Launch Live DVD

Judas Priest release new Live DVD

It’s been over a year since Judas Priest wrapped up their ‘Epitaph: 40 Anniversary/Final Farewell (but not really ‘cus they’re already working on a new album) World Tour’ which culminated in a single show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo back in May 2012. Rob Halford et al have been threatening to release a live DVD from that tour for some time and at the end of last month they finally came through for us! Apologies for the late news regarding this release but you can partially blame my local entertainment retailer for that, the bastards didn’t get their pre-order copies in until nearly 2 weeks after release… not a major store of course, only HMV on fucking Oxford Street!

Judas Priest Live in London DVD

Judas Priest Live in London DVD


Anyways, this is just a little announcement to say the Priest has put out the ‘Epitaph Live‘ DVD which perfectly captures their performance at the aforementioned Hammersmith show. I finally sat down to watch it last weekend, drinking ‘Trooper Ale’ no less – the new cask ale that Iron Maiden has recently released, made by the good people at Robinsons Brewery in Manchester – and it brought back some fantastic memories because funnily enough I was at the Hammersmith show… and reviewed it on this very website. If you want a breakdown of the actual stage antics and details of the night’s events then go read that review otherwise I’m just re-treading old ground, but here is a quick summary: AMAZING!

Right now I just wanna talk about the DVD itself quickly (oh yeah, it’s also out on Blu-Ray for all you elitists and PS3 owners out there). The audio is crystal clear and visuals/editing top notch, nothing compares to being at the actual show but this is a close second. All the guys brought their A-game that night, especially Richie Faulkner who came in to replace K.K. Downing (why would a founding member bail on their band’s 40th anniversary tour?). Halford’s vocals were also on peak form that evening so perhaps this little offering will make up for the controversy surrounding one of their previous “live” releases ‘Unleashed in the East’ where Rob’s vocals had to be allegedly re-recorded post-gig in the studio.

In terms of content you get the gig itself and that’s pretty much it. You are however looking at a show that is the north side of 2.5 hours in length featuring over 20 songs with at least one track taken from every Priest album (barring the Ripper Owens era of course). Rob was very chatty at the show, giving small speeches quite frequently reminiscing on not just the history of Judas Priest but heavy metal in general, it was one of the rare times where a frontman has talked so much at a show and never lost my attention. He is a very endearing character and I’m happy to say his spoken word deliveries and song introductions were all kept intact – this stuff often gets edited out of live releases (in some cases for the better, I’m looking at you Bruce Dickinson!).

So yeah, if you’re a fan of Judas Priest then you already know about this DVD and probably already have it. If you’re a fan of heavy metal but have yet to really be acquainted with the Priest then this is actually a really good place to start since it represents virtually their entire back catalogue and is simply a stunning performance. I always say if you wanna get to know what a band is all about, see ‘em play live!


Rapid Fire


Anniversary/Final Farewell


anniversary tour?). Halford’s vocals were also on peak form that

Metal Gods

Heading Out to the Highway

Judas Rising


Victims of Changes

Never Satisfied

Diamonds and Rust

Dawn of Creation/Prophecy

Night Crawler

Turbo Lover

Beyond the Realms of Death

The Sentinel

Blood Red Skies

The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown)

Breaking the Law

Painkiller/Drum Solo

The Hellion/Electric Eye

Hell Bent for Leather

You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

Living After Midnight


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