Bounce by Iggy Azalea (Review)

Review of Bounce by Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is the hottest Female artist to hit the music industry and it’s not surprising. Her style, sound and whole attitude screams Superstar. She oozes everything that someone needs to be successful and she is showing everyone the real Girl Power.

Review of Bounce by Iggy Azalea Green Lantern Remix

Review of Bounce by Iggy Azalea Green Lantern Remix

Her lyrics are punchy, fast and straight to the point and her latest single ‘Bounce’ is no different, so I loved hearing the news there was a remix version following its footsteps. The Remix is a Green Lantern‘s Trap Remix and it gives a whole new twist and edge to the already incredible song.
When I first heard the original I didn’t get an instant liking to it, however the more I heard it the more I began to realise why it was going to be such a good hit. And the remix of it just gives it that extra punch that makes you want to play it on repeat over and over again. I’ve also discovered it makes a great gym workout song as it gets you so amped up to give it your all.
Bounce‘ Its a great listen and so energetic, with the video to match Iggy Izalea is one hot piece of property in the industry right now, and so she should be. She has collaborated with some of the finest artists including T.I. and I cant wait to see who else she has lined up to feature.
The latest single ‘Bounce‘ is definitely a song that makes you want to get up and shake your booty along to. The beats through out just give it that extra little something and the remix version is a great club track.
I love what she has given to the music industry and I am waiting in anticipation for her next release. I also can’t wait to see her perform live, everything about her you want to be…

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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