Born Sinner Leaked and Streamed on J.Cole Website

New J Cole Album Leaked and then Streamed on J Cole Website

J.Cole‘s highly anticipated new album ‘Born Sinner‘, due for release on the 18th has been leaked online, but rather than throw a hissy fit and declare war on all peer to peer pirate websites J.Cole has released his album to stream through his official site, click here So far it sounds like its going to be just as good and maybe even better than his last album ‘Cole World – The sideline story‘

J Cole Born Sinner Leaked

J Cole Born Sinner Leaked

I must say, I don’t like people leaking albums… Not because I’m on my moral high horse or anything but the quality is awful, songs are cut short etc.. I think all new albums should be £10, standard, then you really can’t argue, I’d rather pay the money, and have the quality.. I love my music, and listen to it on expensive speakers at high volume.. there is no way I’m going to do that with some shitty quality illegal download.. so kids.. remember, respect your favourite artists by buying from official sources.

By Michael Wilkins



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