KRS One at The Garage, London (Gig Review)

Review of KRS One Gig in London

Clap your hands everybody, if you’ve got what it takes, because I’m KRS and I’m on the mic, and Premier‘s on the breaks..

Location: The Garage


Temperature: Very, very warm!

KRS-ONE smashed on to the stage last night at a very warm and excited Garage in Islington, London. The Blastmaster didn’t waste any time and went straight into some of biggest tunes straight off the bat. These ‘straight classics’ as the big man called them got the crowd straight into the vibe of the evening and the first 30 minutes of the evening flew past in a crazy and rowdy blur.. including ‘Sound of tha Police‘ and ‘MC’s act like they don’t know…‘ ‘The sound of tha Police‘ included KRS-ONE telling the DJ to drop the volume so he could make sure every single word was understood.. The crowd participation was second to none, everyone knew all the words and when KRS got the crowd to recite the oversee-er/officer part of the track it went off…

The Blastermaster then slowed it down, he freestyled for a bit, breaking the beat down and doing a chronically themed freestyle that went down well with the old school hiphop crowd.  Then KRS (and a member of the crew) proceeded to throw out KRS tennis balls into the crowd, which , was a bit strange.. And I swear some poor girl got one right on the head which definitely, 100%, seriously wasn’t amusing at all.. I didn’t laugh.. honest..

Review KRS-ONE London gig

Review KRS-ONE London gig

KRS then came into the crowd, freestyled and took photos with everyone, this was a nice touch from one of the fore fathers of hiphop.. Often described as one of the most humble artists in hiphop, it was good to see this level of interaction. I would say that perhaps he peaked a little early with a lot of his most known tunes coming in quick succession in the first 30 minutes..  Where KRS slowed the pace down with the freestyles he killed the momentum a bit, this I didn’t mind, gave the crowd a quick opportunity to grab a drink at the bar on what was a very warm night in north London..

Overall it was a great gig, and this was an artist I’ve wanted to tick off the list of all time greats from the genre I love for a long time.. KRS-One as an artist, is possibly the truest form of hiphop you can find.. and in a moment in time when the soul of hiphop has been ripped out and trodden on.. Coming back to this felt like coming home after being away on a long trip.. Familiar, welcoming and warm.. very, very warm..

Review by Michael Wilkins


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