Walks Like Rihanna by The Wanted (Review)

Review of Walks Like Rihanna by The Wanted

Now as many of you may know we haven’t always been the biggest supporters of The Wanted.  We are never quite sure what they are trying to be and what niche they are trying to fill in the overcrowded boyband sector.  Maybe that’s our problem, maybe they aren’t trying to fill any area in particular.

The band are a complete mix and probably the first boy band in years lacking a pin-up and their look often jars with the sound they are delivering.  Weirdly ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ is their first track for some time that delivers closely to the boyband mould.  Its about having an attraction to a girl and lyrics such as “She can’t sing/ She can’t dance/ But who cares?/ She walks like Rihanna” back this up.  Whether or not they are referring to Bajan icon Rihanna, one can only assume.

Review of Walk Like Rihanna By The Wanted

Review of Walk Like Rihanna By The Wanted

The vocals in ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ are perhaps the cheesiest or most pop for some time.  They follow a number of boyband rules and capture the attention with an annoyingly catchy melody to get you singing the track, whether you like it or not.

Add to that the real light guitars and basic stripped back sound and we think you have a pop hit here.  Is it a masterpiece that will stand the test of time? Probably not, but that’s not the point is it?  The Wanted are back and delivered a good piece of boyband pop music.

The video is a little weird though, particularly the section where they are acting as string puppets.  They look a little bit more like they are having issues of some other nature.  The dancing in the white outfits almost feels like a parody on the genre and I love the rip off of the Take That video.  Whatever has been said about The Wanted, this video shows a real personality and sense of humour.

For those of you that like the more dancey side of The Wanted, don’t fret.  We were sent two club remixes of ‘Walk Like Rihanna’ as well.  Either way if you are male or over the age of 18, chances are this isn’t for you, it definitely hits the sweet spot for boybands.


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