Ray-Ban Envision Tour

Ray-Ban Envision Tour

It isn’t very often when we get a post from a company’s PR we get excited.  To be completely honest we very rarely even entertain them.  However some lovely people associated with Ray-Ban got in touch with us. Our selfish side came out for a second and thought they may be offering us some of their finest eyewear as worn by Tinie Tempah.  Thankfully when we actually looked in to it a bit more it was much more worthwhile.

Ray-Ban have launched a site called Envision Series. The campaign is aimed at highlighting people who have a strong purpose and have shown determination to achieve their goals.  In a series of stories the site shows the stories of Cesar Kuriyama (who created a photographic capture of his life), urban artist Chase, Kristian Von Bengston and his home made space craft, musician Domnique Durand and finally modern day pioneer Cyrus Sutton.

Whilst these stories are inspirational and exciting, Ray-Ban are opening the doors for you to submit your own vision.  Obviously you want something back for all that effort.  If you like music then you could you get your reward, with tickets to the Envision tour.

If you enter, let us know and we will tweet your entry for you and try to help push your entry.

This post is original in content and intent but sponsored by Ray-Ban.

As another reward, why not take a look of the video shot at the recent Spector gig, part of the Envision tour.


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