District 3 London Gig (Review)

Review of District 3 London Gig

Bearing in mind that boy bands seem to be a major occurrence amongst my music taste, I was keen to take up the chance to review a group I’ve followed since before they were well known.

Some teenage girls may know that Greg, Micky and Dan started out in their early teens as a boy band called GMD3 who uploaded videos of themselves singing to YouTube every once in a while. Their entrance to the 2012 series of The X Factor gained them the attention and recognition they so deserved.

Review of District 3 London Gig

Review of District 3 London Gig

After changing their name to District 3 (due to a potential lawsuit in the US), the school friends went on to be mentored by the man behind Westlife, Louis Walsh, throughout their run on the show before losing in the sing-off in the sixth week.

Since their X Factor stint, the boys have been busy in the studio working on their first EP as well as their first headlining tour. I was lucky enough to have the chance to see one of the shows and interview them beforehand as well.

As the lights went down, the decibels rose. Girls left, right and centre were screaming and the level only increased when the three boys made their way on stage. They kicked off the show with the only original song that their fans (also known as 3eeks) had heard ‘What D’you Know About Me?‘, and I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised to see a boy band that can play their own instruments.

While on The X Factor, the boys were renowned for their well-blended harmonies, and I can see why as they proved themselves during the ballads, ‘Dead To Me’ and ‘Give Me Love‘ (an Ed Sheeran cover). The harmonies throughout the show were so advanced that the boys could, in time, rival acts ranging from The Everly Brothers to Boyz II Men.

Another shock that I experienced was that of the quality of the original songs they sang. I was expecting to be watching a gig full of covers, but instead I was treated to a variety of brand new music written by the boys themselves.

After a cover of Ne-Yo’s ‘Let Me Love You‘, they decided to mix things up a bit with a game of Blind DateCilla would have been proud.  This gave one of their fans the chance to spend time backstage with them after the show.  Out walked…the members of District 3 dressed in Boxers’ dressing gowns. It’s quite clear that they have a sense of humour.  A Q&A session came after, as the boys answered their fans’ burning questions live on stage.

A short break followed, allowing me and the other few hundred teenage girls a momentary breather before the boys returned with ‘Back To Life‘ and ‘Just Wanna Be Loved‘, which are quite possibly two of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard.  The song ‘Chasing Silhouettes‘ was also a highlight as they departed the typical bubblegum pop stereotype most boy bands fall under the spell of and went down the road of Dubstep.

‘Let Me Know’ finished their set with a definite BOOM.  District 3 ran off stage to screams and a rapturous applause, which resulted in them returning for their encore performance: a mash-up of Frankie Valli’s ‘Beggin‘ and Chris Brown’s ‘Turn Up The Music‘.

I was left reeling when Micky, Greg and Dan walked off stage for the last time and suffered from a post-concert depression the following day.

District 3 have been labelled as a boy band and I admit, they do have some of the qualities found in one, but their obvious knack for song writing, playing the piano and the guitar as well as their flawless harmonies make them stand out above most of the rest. Even though many would argue that there are enough boy bands coming out of the UK at the moment, District 3 bring a new and different sound, as well as a peek at the future of male vocal groups.

I thoroughly recommend District 3 to anyone reading this and I hope they go on to big things, as I will be with them every step of the way. The show was unexpectedly absorbing, yet intimate, and I left the venue with about four songs stuck in my head.

So it’s fairly safe to say that I had an amazing night and I wish I could relive it.

I’m officially a 3eek.

Review by Daisy Thomas


2 thoughts on “District 3 London Gig (Review)

  1. As a fellow 3eek myself, I am very jealous of you Daisy but at the same time I’m glad you had a lovely time! Really good review 🙂 x

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