Competition – Win a Pair of Bieber Studio Monster Beats Headphones

Competition – Win a Pair of Bieber Studio Monster Beats Headphones

Its been a while since our last big competition.  However you lucky, lucky people are in store for a treat.  We have managed to get our hands on a pair of purple Justin Bieber Studio Monster Beats diamond headphones.  In case you aren’t sure what to expect, here is a link to the prize

Competition to Win a set of Bieber Beats Headphones

Competition to Win a set of Bieber Beats Headphones

Monster Beats are widely regarded as the best headphones available at the moment, so this is a great prize if you fancy some rare headphones or if you are a huge fan of Justin Bieber.

There are three simple ways to enter.

1. Add a comment to this post stating why you would like to win

2. Follow us on Twitter and tweet the hashtag #MusicEyzBieberComp

3. Post a comment on the competition announcement on Facebook stating why you would like to win

You may enter via any or all of the methods and entries are not limited.  Competition closes at 23:59 on 14th June, 2013.  One winner will be drawn completely at random from all entries.


1. The competition runs until 23.59 14 June, 2013, the winner will be notified within 7 days of the closing date of the competition

2. The judges decisions are final, no debate, conversation or communication will be undertaken in relation to the process or the winners.

3. There are no alternative prizes to the prize publicised in the competition.  Music Eyz take no responsibility for the condition of the prize.  However, the prize has been tested and understood to be in perfect working order.

4. Your personal details if provided will not be shared, sold or used with any third party without your prior consent.

5. We may ask the winner to take part in publicity including but not restricted to a photo, review of the prize and comment to be placed on the Music Eyz website.

6. The promoter (Music Eyz) retain the right to change the promotion at any time, including but not restricted to the prize, T&Cs, promotional period and qualifying criteria.

The promoter of this competition is Music Eyz, for any queries please e-Mail Music Eyz on


117 thoughts on “Competition – Win a Pair of Bieber Studio Monster Beats Headphones

  1. I would love to win these as the buses in London are so loud – I want to drift off into a world of my own 🙂

  2. I’d love to win, because I’ve always had rubbish headphones, the kind that music escapes very easily from and would love some of these to have better sound quality!!

  3. These look fab…..Would love to win them for my daughter….I’m sick of listening to all her music!!

  4. I would love to win these for my 13 year old son so I do not have to listen to his music blaring full blast hopefully then I will have peace and quite

  5. I would love to win these as I am about to start commuting a fair distance to and from work, and would be in heaven if I could drift off away from the hustle & bustle of public transport!

  6. Yes please, I would love these. My skull candy phones broke and I would love to get a new set but I just don’t have the cash

  7. I’d like to win these because I’m a huge Belieber,since 2009.I’m always entering JB giveaways because I want to try in luck. I’ve never won anything so I hope this is my time. At my town,you can buy these headphones but they are too expensive ,about 200$ and If I win it ,that’s complete my entire life!

  8. Would love to win these sooo much….my boyfriend is always stealing my headphones and going to the gym with no music just isn’t the same!! xx

  9. I’d like to own these headphones, so people think I’m probably listening to Justin BUT… I’d be rocking out to some ‘Death Metal’ making me look like the most hardcore Belieber ever!!!

  10. 2 cans, some string, just to hear stars sing,
    I’m a bloke, but I’m broke, not a penny, not a thing,
    But my kids? they’re sweet, and enjoy a good beat,
    in particular my daughter, and it’s ages since I bought her,
    something new, something nice, something you have as a prize,
    So I hope I get to please her, she’s a serious Belieber,
    Now I’m crossing all my fingers, that my daughter’s favourite singers,
    fill her ears, crystal clear, and she’s tapping with her feet,
    As she smiles, she’s complete with a pair of monster beats.

  11. I would love to win these as I am going deaf, and these would block out the outside world, so that I could listen to music in my own world.

  12. I would live to win as I’m going deaf, these would block out the outside world and I could listen to music that I like.

  13. i’m on the dole and skint,one honest reason for winning these,woul’d love them but, can’t afford them

  14. The older I get, the more I realize that quality headphones make all the difference in my music listening experience.:-p

  15. Would like to give these to my daughter so that I don’t have to listen to the likes of Biebet when I’m trying to watch Corrie.

  16. I would love to win because I am saving up for an iPod and I’d really like to listen to my music with these amazing headphones

  17. i love dr dre, i love bieber, i love music, love to listen to music without disturbing no one, i do not wana buy empty can crappy heaphone 🙂

  18. My sons headphones just broke so now I have to listen to Alvin and Chipmunks screeching away – save me from this hell!!

  19. I would love to win these as I could block out the noise of my neighbour music pumping through the wall and relax to my own music……….or on second thoughts maybe I would give these to my neighbours16 year old daughter to use so my household could allrelax in peace and quiet!!

  20. Theres only 1 way to listen to music,I have owned beats earphones but now wanting to cut the world out with great headphones whilst I DIY..

  21. I would love to win these so much. I’ve wanted them for over a year now but they’re just to exspensive! It would mean so much if I won.

  22. Simply, because I feel foolish taping on bookshelf speakers everyday. having Bose imprinted on my forehead, in mirror writing, isn’t great either!

  23. I don’t like bieber, but I like these headphones. Purple=winner. I just wont admit what the B stands for on these 😉

  24. I would love to get these because I’m trying to become a DJ but i don’t have enough money for a good pair headphones like that. I also love listening to music while walking into school which does take a while but it puts me in a good mood and ready to learn, mostly how to play instruments because that is my passion. As well as this would help me block outside e.g my family shouting while i revise because my exams are really important to me. It’ll be great singing to the beat of the Monster Beats.

  25. I would love to win as the only headphones I have are painful and hard in ears that produce a pitiful sound! Not to mention purple is my favourite colour and these look fab!!

  26. Would love to win them for my son’s 16th birthday which is on the 14th June the day this competiotion closes wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could show him the winning email?

  27. My Belieber Daughter is currently sitting her GCSEs and the Beats would be a great reward for all her hard work

  28. I’d be one Super Auntie if I won these for my 13 year old Niece – she is a huggggggggggge fan of Justin and even as a life size cut out of him in her bedroom

  29. I would love to win these as I love the colour and I’m in desperate need of some good headphones…plus Bieber is my guilt pleasure!

  30. Would love to win as my seinheiser are a few years old now, there’ll be no bieber music going on them though, only REAL music!!

  31. I would love to win these as my daughter loves to sing along to Bieber and she likes to turn the music up so we won’t all have to listen!

  32. My daughter could really use a decent pair of headphones, and being a the massive Justin Bieber fan she is I need her to have them too to save my poor ears!!!

  33. Please save me from the pain
    I can’t listen to greenday again,
    When to her bedroom my teenage daughter retreats,
    She really needs some monster beats,
    She plays it load
    for she is proud
    to be a greenday fan
    but i am not
    and the cd’s shes got
    will soon go down the pan
    Please help me so that i may rest,
    I know these headphones are the best
    The peace and quiet would be my prize
    And id be the best mum ever in my daughters eyes

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