A$AP Rocky Gig in Manchester (Review)

Review of A$AP Rocky Manchester Gig

As a huge fan of music and lots of different genres, I was overjoyed when I was given the chance to go and see such an amazing, incredibly talented American artist. It was a huge opportunity I couldn’t miss out on (although I almost did whoops) and I couldn’t wait to go.

Review of A$AP Rocky gig in Manchester

Review of A$AP Rocky gig in Manchester

Even though I have been to various different live gigs from a variety of artists, I was intrigued to see how this show would be as I had heard such good reviews about his performances and I hoped it wasn’t going to be a let down…

When I arrived all you could see was hundreds of people lining the streets and queuing for a couple blocks back all in anticipation. As I made my way to join the back of the queue you could feel the atmosphere in the air as everyone was waiting for this one guy to perform and show off his hugely successful talent. As I waited in the queue and looked around I couldn’t help but notice the huge variations of people that were waiting, from all different ages, genders and races. It was an incredible feeling to be apart of and you can see how music can have such a huge impact on people and bring people together. You couldn’t deny everyone was as excited as I was and as the queue slowly started to filter through the doors the atmosphere grew even more.

Once we had made our way inside you could see everyone making their way to the front of the stage in preparation for a great night. As the support artists got the crowd hyped the energy in the room was electric and it was building to be a great evening. The wait in between acts was quite a lengthy one and I hoped he wasn’t going to disappoint when it came to A$AP Rocky taking to the stage…

Then it came, the lights went up and there was standing in all his glory with his gleaming gold smile shining in the lights, he was there, he had arrived and the show was about to start. The energy and vibe inside the academy was unreal, it was electric and live and everyone was so lost in the music. Hands in the air, rapping and singing along about to go ‘wild for the night’ ( you see what I did there?! ha)  Not once through his whole performance did I see him lose sight or have his energy disappear, he was enjoying performing just as much as the crowd was enjoying watching and the talent and pride shone from him. It must be a great feeling as an artist from a different country going on tour and seeing such a huge reception wherever they go, knowing people have came to see them perform and show their support.

Not once through the night did I feel bored or let down and the show was far from predictable. The energy on stage reflected that of the crowd and at the end of the night it became one HUGE party for everyone to enjoy. He performed a lot of great songs including the well known hits ‘Wild for the Night‘ , ‘F**kin Problem‘ and one of my favourite tracks ‘Goldie‘.  As soon as I heard the intro beats I was totally lost in the music and couldn’t help but show my appreciation to the song and neither did the rest of the crowd. The beat of the song just runs through your body from head to toe and you just have to move with it. Everywhere you looked people were dancing, singing, and were absolutely loving it! Mosh pits were forming left, right and centre!

Then came the biggest surprise of the night…A$AP Rocky pulling people up on stage to party with his A$AP Mob! People from the actual crowd on stage with such a huge artist, vybzing along and losing themselves. Girls dancing provocatively and guys moving around the stage. The atmosphere was out of this world. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, A$AP decides to get right involved and hit the crowd surfing! Everyone in the room came alive and the atmosphere was electric!!

The whole night was far from a disappointment, it was epic! and definitely up there on my list of greatest gigs and artists I’ve ever seen, especially for the way he was mixing with the crowd, hyping everyone up and keeping it that way from the start to the end!

A$AP Rocky has definitely secured a spot in my list of artists you MUST see!

All I have to say now is LONG.LIVE.A$AP!

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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