Get Away ft The Spirit of Wu by De La Soul (Review)


Review of Get Away ft The Spirit of Wu by De La Soul

Its not everyday you get to listen to and review a new release from a true legend of a Hip Hop act.  When I say legend, particularly in this sense, I don’t use the term lightly.  Whilst maybe not selling music at the very start of Hip Hop, De La Soul have a career that spans over two decades, almost as old as Hip Hop itself.

In such a relatively new genre of music, a twenty year career is huge.  De La Soul have never been seen as a follower of the latest trends and that is one of the key messages contained within ‘Get Away ft The Spirit of Wu’ (excuse us if we shorten the title to ‘Get Away’).

Review of Get Away ft The Spirit of Wu by De La Soul

Using a killer Wu hook and a sample of some strong words from the Rza, De La Soul are sending out a message to Hip Hop.  They use these Wu-Tang influences (hence the reference in the title) and add some distinctive De La Soul seasoning, a real De La flavour.  The track builds on a recent interview that DJ Maseo ran that seemed to criticise the current Hip Hop by numbers culture of some of the contemporary artists display.

Whilst I still love Hip Hop, I have also made no secret of my frustrations of several artists who display a lack of invention, overt commercialisation of their sound or a cookie mould approach to Hip Hop.  Artists like Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Nelly fit this description perfectly.  We just hope that ‘Get Away’ is pushed out a bit harder than it is at the moment and it has some impact on the current trend.

Aside from the important message from an artistic standpoint that ‘Get Away’ presents, it would be amiss not to review the actual merits of the track in its own right.  As mentioned at the start of this piece (before the rant we share w DJ Maseo) the former “Daisy Rappers” are up there with the all-time greats of Hip Hop.  In fact if I had to list my top 10 Hip Hop acts, both De La Soul and Wu-Tang Clan would both feature.

De La Soul use some trademark sounds and combine them with Rza and Wu-Tang references to great effect.  They utilise the harder edge of Wu-Tang to help create a somewhat darker backdrop, almost sinister, to help add weight to the core message of the track.  The sample and production is not the only lesson given to the current wave of Hip Hop wannabes within this track.  The lyrical delivery by the De La Soul boys is perfectly on point.  The flow has not declined over the decades and the rapport between the De La Soul crew is obviously as strong as ever.

Even without the key message that ‘Get Away’ provides and that Music Eyz are big supporters of, this track is strong.  It brings a hot 90s feel (where I believe Hip Hop was at its strongest), with a current flavour and excellent lyrical delivery.  We understand ‘Get Away’ will be on De La Soul‘s new album ‘You’re Welcome’ later this year.

De La Soul effectively cement their place at the foundation of Hip Hop.

Let us know what you think.  Do you agree with our stance on the message De La Soul deliver, or do you like the way Hip Hop has developed?  What do you think of the track? Are De La Soul back and ready to make an assault on the Hip Hop game?  Give us your views by adding a comment below, by tweeting us @MusicEyz or by posting to the Music Eyz Facebook page.