1 Life by DDark (Review)

Review of 1 Life by DDark

We last looked in on DDark back in April last year, when we reviewed Meek Mill House Party.  At the time we spoke about the young London artists being straight up grime.  So ‘1 Life‘ has a lot to live up to, does it deliver?

Grime DDark 1 Life

Review of 1 Life by DDark

First off ‘1 Life’ is different to what we first reviewed from DDark.  Yes it still has a feel of dark grime, however, the music also adds an element of trap and bass, providing a much different kind of feel to his early stuff.  DDark still delivers as an MC and his lyrical flow in terms ofr delivering rhymes, is still on the quicker side of the game.

The slight darker club feel the the track, distracts from my enjoyment of the lyrics to be honest.  Its just a bit noisy and overpowering.  But DDark has something else up his sleeves.  The boy delivers a hint towards having a singing abilirt as well.

In all honesty a pretty good track, however, I would prefer if DDark could revert more to his grime heritage.  However that is personal taste.  ‘1 Life’ is a quality track, hence all the support from the likes of Semtex, Target and Ras Qwame.  Have a listen and let us know what you think.


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