Top 5 On Your iPod – Kirsty Bertarelli

Top 5 On Your iPod – Kirsty Bertarelli

Kirsty Bertarelli may be a name that you aren’t familiar with, but watch out.  Kirsty is about to burst on to the scene with her debut single, which features a collaboration with the pop icon that is, Ronan Keating.

Kirsty Bertarelli Top 5 on Your iPod

Kirsty Bertarelli tells us the Top 5 on her iPod

1. Bon Iver – Skinny Love
I like his voice, the way he writes.  ‘Skinny Love’ has a great, really pretty melody and he sings it from his heart. He isn’t trying to be commercial, it just comes from the inside.

2. David Guetta – Titanium
Very powerful, great song to turn up high and sing out loud to! It’s a real woman’s song.  Very passionate. The modern version of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’!!!

3. Kings of Leon – Be Somebody
He has a super sexy voice. I love American rock. I just love that sound.  It is a great, uplifting singalong sound. I’ve never seen them live but would love to!

4. Rodriguez – I Wonder
I heard the song on holiday when I was young and I just couldn’t find out who it was by. Then the documentary Sugar Man came out and I finally found out who it was. It takes me back to a time and place.

5. Norah Jones – Run Away With Me
I love the whole album. I could play it over and over again. I love everything about her, she has the whole package

Norah Jones features on Kirsty Bertarelli's iPod

Norah Jones features on Kirsty Bertarelli’s iPod

Why not check out Kirsty Bertarelli‘s single ‘Send Out A Message (To The World)‘ featuring Ronan Keating


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