Gentleman by The Saturdays (Review)

Review of Gentleman by The Saturdays

The Saturdays fresh from their first number one,What About Us featuring Sean Paul, the girls release their latest single ‘Gentleman’‘What About Us’ had a bit of an edge to the whole package not just the addition of Sean Paul, so does ‘Gentleman’ follow up?

Review of Gentleman by The Saturdays

Review of Gentleman by The Saturdays

‘Gentleman’ does follow on the trend of a slightly less orthodox pop sound.  It almost leans on some of the sounds that success story Stooshe have used.  Sadly the overall track isn’t quite as strong as Stooshe or ‘What About Us’.

The Saturdays have however produced a good pop track.  Its upbeat, simplistic and quite catchy.  Repeatedly saying 1995 over and over gets the track in your head and for the ladies, references to several 90s men may make the track popular.  Lets hope that Marvin isn’t the jealous type.

The girls show they can sing again with some good mid-range singing, but again, it all feels a little formulaic.  No doubt this will be a top ten hit.  The girls have a good following and do produce strong pop hits.  Will this be the girls second number one? Not too sure. But it is a good pop tune.

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