Underworld by Evile (Review)

Review of Underworld by Evile

This, my friends, is the sound of thrash metal! Fast and furious, maniacal, twisting, contorting sounds bellowing from the darkest pits of Hades, this is Evile.

Spawned in Huddersfield in 2004 and signed to the legendary UK label Earache Records,  Evile are currently preparing for the release of their highly anticipated 4th album ‘SKULL’ and from it we have the track ‘Underworld’. In the band’s own words,

“‘Underworld’ is a title I’ve wanted to use for a very long time but hadn’t found the right song for it; it’s named after the venue in London of the same name as it’s been one of my favourite places to play for years now.  The song itself isn’t directly about the venue but it’s definitely dedicated to it.  The song is inspired by a short sci-fi story I read about the earth’s surface becoming uninhabitable and people being forced to live deep underground.  It ties in to one of the overall themes of the album which is about things being hidden, be it thoughts, feelings, motivations or truths.  At the same time it’s about something else but I don’t want to give everything away all at once; it’s better if you make up your own mind!”

Review of Underworld the new track from Evile

Review of Underworld the new track from Evile

For those unfamiliar with Evile they utilize all the classic ingredients for high quality thrash pioneered by artists such as Metallica, Kreator, Annihilator and Megadeth to name but a few. ‘Underworld’ combines the relentless assault of drums with supercharged guitars to produce a fast and frenetic example of thrash at it’s best, combined with the raging vocals of Matt Drake it’s a beast of a track and will have fans salivating at the thought of what else is to come from ‘SKULL’. Ripping along at a pulsating speed Evile also show a skilled knack for introducing melody into the battlefield with some cleverly layered vocals dispersed amongst the maelstrom. The twin guitar attack highlights the high level of musicianship on show in this track with the lead guitar switching from downright evil solos to glorious harmonies in the blink of an eye. It’s a track which very much follows the formula for what thrash metal is all about however it’s written to such a high level that it easily transcends some of the other more generic bands, the production is also to an extremely high level with each instrument coming through clearly yet not sounding too over-produced still retaining that sense of raw aggression, a snarling beast let loose to plunder.

The video is a simple affair with a train rampaging across the screen imitating the quick-fire guitars and hard-hitting battery of the drums to a backdrop of a deserted city. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the lyrical nature of the song and overall feeling of the album, a desolate post-apocalyptic feel with a rush of fear perhaps at what may be lurking in the ruins. The video provides an adequate assistant to the narrative however it’s the song itself which is the real star of the show here.

‘Underworld’ is a blistering track and if this is anything to go by then ‘SKULL’ will be one of the must-have albums for any metal fan in 2013, released on the 27th of May it’s the definition of modern thrash metal and will have hearts racing and heads banging.

Review by Will Campbell.


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