Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake by Bring Me The Horizon (Review)

Review of Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake – by Bring Me the Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon’s latest single ‘Go to hell for heaven’s sake’ has been put up online recently. This marks the third single for their latest record ‘Sempiternal’ that came out early April.

Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake by Bring Me The Horizon

Review of Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake by Bring Me The Horizon

By Bring Me The Horizon’s standards this is definitely a more radio-friendly number. I know the guys have cited electronica as a musical genre that interests them, but until the latest record I’ve never heard it so prominently in their music before. The keyboard melody at the beginning of ‘Go to hell’ certainly caught me off guard but when Oliver Sykes’s vocals came in I knew I was listening to the right band.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Oli ‘cus he’s one of about 3 metalcore frontmen that I actually think is any good. His raw, raspy and angst-ridden screams are very much present and accounted for on this one. It makes for a curious juxtaposition when they are laid over the melodic keys during the chorus. ‘Go to hell’ also features one of the more catchy and memorable choruses I’ve heard the band ever produce.

All in all it’s quite a busy song, there’s a lot happening in four minutes transferring abruptly from drumbeat driven verses into a VERY soft guitar interlude featuring clean vocals and finally moving into a surprisingly epic chorus. The guitars aren’t up to much really until the bridge when they shine (albeit briefly). The drums and keys are the primary drivers of this number.

It certainly leans on the more poppy side of their back catalogue which might alienate die hard fans of yester-year but on the other hand I can see more casual rock/metal listeners finding something to like about it. Incidentally the whole album ‘Sempiternal’ album is worth a listen in my opinion, while this song is not indicative of the whole record there is more material of this ilk to be found such as ‘Shadow Moses’.

Review by Al Westlake


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