Music Eyz Interview with Craig David

Interview with Craig David

When I was asked to interview Craig David I was extremely excited. My memories of school came gushing back to me. I remember arguing with my girl friends in class about who loved him the most!!! I did manage to compose myself for the interview though.

Music Eyz Interview with Craig David

Music Eyz Interview with Craig David

Craig was relaxed and very down to earth.  He is a great role model to his fans as we have never heard any of the usual trashy pop star stories about him. He has always been focused on his music career and that determination is what made him. His vocals blew us away back in 1999 with his unique sound. He quickly became the UK’s biggest selling male solo artist ever.

In this interview Craig David talks about his current world tour, the highs and lows and also about his love for his fans. Now living in Miami, Craig discuss’ new found friendships with the likes of Drake and also possible duets for the future. We talk about his passion for football and his huge love for his roots back in Southampton.

Take a listen and enjoy.

By Roxanne Sykes


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