Start To Run by Dexters (Review)

Review of Start To Run by Dexters

Dexters, an indie group from London, have just released a music video for their upcoming second single ‘Start to Run’.

Start to Run’ has a lot more balls than previous single ‘Recover’ which I found to be a fairly dull experience in comparison. The song starts out acoustic and I thought I was in for more of the same but when the guitars come in ‘Start to Run’ cranks up the intensity pretty quickly. It is very much a guitar driven track although I feel the need to applaud the drum work too. Think along the lines of Arctic Monkeys. It’s fast, it’s poppy and catchy.

Start to Run new singleby Dexters

Review of Start to Run by Dexters

My main issue with the previous single was the verses, the entire band pulled back and they were just kinda boring. ‘Start to Run’ on the other hand keeps the guitars and tempo up the whole way but still gives Tom Rowlett’s vocal melodies room to breath and just makes for a stronger song in general.

I feel the need to stress I am NOT a fan of indie rock, in fact I have very few feelings outside of frustration and loathing for the entire genre (there are exceptions but they are few and far between) and yet I actually find myself quite enjoying this.

The music video itself is completely uninspired; the guys are in a room jamming to the song. The camera switches erratically between individual members and there is of course the obligatory close up shots of the vocalist through a fish-eye lens… that one rock video we’ve all seen a thousand times before. But who cares, videos are just there to give your eyes something to do while you listen to the music and the song is good which is all that matters!

Review by Al Westlake


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