Grandmaster Flash Gig at Jazz Cafe, London (Review)

Review of Grandmaster Flash Gig at Jazz Café

FREEZE….ROCK!!! The Grand Master was in the house! The wheels of steel never stopped spinning and the crowd lapped it all up throughout his 90 minute set. After playing a sold out night at the Jazz Café on Saturday, Grandmaster Flash came back to play yet another sold out gig on the Monday and I was lucky enough to witness it. Mixing hiphop, 80’s groove and disco into rock, indie and even the Bee Gees at one point, the master ensured everyone went home happy.

Review of Grand Master Flash Gig at Jazz Cafe

Review of Grand Master Flash Gig at Jazz Cafe

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer cracked jokes throughout and his overall crowd interaction was brilliant, sometimes bringing the music to a standstill just to guarantee the crowd were as vocal and ruckus as he desired. He dropped a couple of his massive tunes in the mix, ‘White Lines’, ‘The Message’ and without doubt one of the greatest and most ground breaking hiphop tracks of ALL TIME, ‘The Adventures of Grand Master Flash on the Wheels of Steel’, but the real art was the different array of tracks he was mixing in, as the big man put it himself, “making square pegs, fit into a round holes”. As mentioned above, when the master got the crowd to sing along to ‘How deep is your love’ by the Bee Gees while he mixed it into ‘All night long’ by the Mary Jane Girls the place went nuts!

It was a great night at an intimate venue, not just for hiphop heads, but for a wider audience of music lovers in general. Grandmaster Flash is a legend in the world of Hiphop, DJ’ing and music. Even though the master is 55, his enthusiasm for music, performing and generally having the best time possible is not only never ending, but also extremely infectious, and there wasn’t a person in the crowd who didn’t leave the Jazz Café with a huge smile on their face.

Review by Michael Wilkins


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