Big Daddy Kane Gig at Jazz Cafe, London (Review)

Review of Big Daddy Kane Gig at Jazz Cafe

Oxford Dictionary – Legend: an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field –  e.g. The man was a living legend.

To call someone a legend should mean a great deal, sadly it is term that is over used today in the music industry, but in this case, there is no more appropriate word to describe Big Daddy Kane. BDK has influenced EVERY single emcee worth his or her salt since he burst onto the hiphop scene way back in 1986 as part of the Juice Crew. The Grammy Award winning, Brooklyn emcee was the precursor to so many emcees since, many simply would not exist if it wasn’t for the influence of the Big Daddy.

Review of Big Daddy Kane Gig at Jazz Cafe

Review of Big Daddy Kane Gig at Jazz Cafe

Wednesday was the second time I’ve seen Big Daddy Kane, at the intimate location of the Jazz Café (yes I know, Grand Master Flash on Monday, BDK on Wednesday. My GF wasn’t impressed!), Big Daddy Kane was in his element. The close proximity of the crowd, the hot, muggy British spring evening, the sold out crowd of BDK fanatics of all ages, it all accumulated to a fantastic hiphop gig. Big Daddy is one of the most vicious and technically gifted lyricists of all time, so much so that legend has it that hiphop great Rakim even refused to battle him! And even at the tenderage of 44, Big Daddy Kane put on a great show for his faithful followers. The rhymes just rolled off his tongue, pacing the stage with heavy interaction with the front few rows BDK was on fire, it cannot be underestimated just how much some of his biggest tunes have resonated with so many people. BDK worked through his biggest and best tunes Set it off’, Smooth operator’, Nuff respect’ , and my two favourite that I just cannot separate, Ain’t no half steppin’ andWarm it up Kane’…And to say it went off when those tunes were dropped would be a huge understatement, when ‘Warm it up Kane’ came on the place erupted!

Also a big shout out to the support act, Raashan Ahmad, he got the crowd going before the big man came on with some slick acapellas and funny, original rhymes. Was one of the best support acts I’ve seen in a long, long time.. I would love to see BDK team up with some of the other greats and put down some new material, the scene is crying out for some direction from the old heads, because it has definitely lost its way. I would pay to see an emcee battle tournament, with some of the greats on one side, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, KRS-One, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Method Man and the rest of Wu-Tang etc.. Against the new pretenders, Lil Wayne, Drake, Florida etc on the other… but it would literally spell the end of their new careers..

I can’t stress it enough, KRS-One is playing The Garage in June, if you are a hiphop head,  you have to check out this calibre of artist… because like Big Daddy Kane, he is a genuine hiphop legend..


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