Dreamcatcher by Wolvespirit (Album Review)

Review of Dreamcatcher by Wolvespirit

Wolvespirit (a stoner rock group from Germany) are set to release a new album ‘Dreamcatcher’ which is due out on 20th May and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak ahead of schedule. The album is basically a fusion of old- school and stoner rock with some bluesy and funk elements thrown in for good measure, it makes for an enjoyable and psychedelic listen even though it lacks any real innovation or diversity.

The songs are predominantly slow to mid- tempo that tend to start out soft with ominous melodies but pack some serious punch when they drop. The guitars are fuzzy, the basslines are heavy and the albums’ production in general has a very raw quality that gives it a Zeppelin vibe. Debbie Koye’s vocals dominate most songs and she certainly boasts a powerful voice (which is probably the stand out feature of the album) but there is some stellar guitar work underneath it if you listen hard enough, my personal favourite is ‘From Venus I Came’ for that very reason.

Review of Wolvespirit new album Dreamcatcher

Review of Wolvespirit new album Dreamcatcher

The first single off the album is called ‘Holy Smoke’ and was released with a video on youtube not too long ago that incorporates stop-frame animation and some plasticine hippie Neanderthals cooking what is presumably a magic mushroom in a large pot before a plasticine iteration of Wolvespirit comes in to play the song. I probably wouldn’t read too much into the concept, essentially its what would happen if the Magic Roundabout crew ever went to Woodstock circa 1975. The single itself is pretty indicative of the rest of the album though so give it a listen and if you like it there’s plenty more to be had!

Raven’ is probably the closest that Wolvespirit gets to a ballad, the guitars are cleaner and the rest of the band takes a backseat in general. Once again it is a vocal dominant song with some trippy keyboard work utilized towards the end. The guitar melody used throughout is actually quite moody compared to the rest of the album and pretty cool, definitely worth a listen.

What I find curious is that Wolvespirit seems to be frequently advertised as a metal band… possibly thanks to certain groups such as Electric Wizard and Cathedral who overlap stoner rock with doom metal and thus creating confusion between the genres, but whatever the case I can tell you this is NOT a metal album. The slower pace, heavy bass work and certain riffs on songs such as ‘Making Me Wild’ and album closer ‘Spacetrippen’ do breath a little bit of classic Sabbath but that’s about where it ends.

In short, don’t expect anything totally new or experimental but as far as stoner rock goes ‘Dreamcatcher’ is a good offering that is ultimately fun if a little samey.

Track listing:

Blowin’ Up

Holy Smoke

Making Me Wild*

From Venus I Came*



Gipsey Queen


Wake Up


*check these out!

Review by Al Westlake


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