Home Alone Macaulay Culkin Sings at Bristol Gig

Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin surprises Bristol Gig Goers

It was a normal night in the capital of the West Country, Bristol.  The city was alive with its usual eclectic musical mix.  The clubs had banging dance music, the Old Duke no doubt had some jazz going and in general there was an electric feel to the evening.

Home Alone Star Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin surprise Bristol gig goers

The Thekla was no exception with, former Mouldy Peaches’ front man Adam Green performing at the famous Bristol club situated in an old cargo ship.  It got a bit more surreal when Adam announced that he was being joined on stage by ‘Home Alone’ star and friend of Michael Jackson, Macaulay Culkin.  Now ‘Home Alone’ is unashamedly up there with my favourite films of all-time, alongside the likes of ‘Cool Runnings’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’, so this is massive. (Yes, ‘Cool Runnings’ is one of my favourite films)

OK, massive may be overstating the whole thing.  After all the film was years ago, Culkin is now a fully grown man and he isn’t even a singer.  So this would just be a gimmick, right?  Well he was met my a mix of postiveness and sceptism, but by all accounts Culkin one the tough crowd over.  He joined Green on stage for the encore to perform the Beach Boys track ‘Kokomo’ and by all accounts the pair performed well together and some would have you believe that Culkin held his own.

Culkin, still sporting his bleach-blond hair but now in a pony tail and wearing dark glasses, shouted to fans:

“I’ve come all the way from America.”

Were you at the gig? Let us know what you think.

Home Alone

Famous scene from Home Alone


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