Dyme-a-Duzin Gig at Barfly, London

Dyme-a-Duzin @ The Barfly, Camden, London

As if by stealth, this one nearly slipped straight past me! Luckily my hiphop radar burst into life when this beacon of hiphop light came up, Dyme-a-Duzin is playing the Barfly this Monday night, bringing some more Beast Coast flavour that we love so much here at Music Eyz.

East Coasr Rapper Dyme a Duzin

Dyme a Duzin will be performing at Barlfy in Camden

Dymez is causing more than a bit of a stir over in the US, having signed to Warner Bros Records, the industry see this young man as a future star in the hiphop game, and so do we. With an effortless and original style, Dymez has the lyrical ability to glide across tracks with such effortlessness it belies his young age. He switches his style up with consummate ease from his polished street vocab in Swank Sinatra’ to his cheeky and playful raps in ‘Fly Young Gentlemen’, both tracks collaborating with other talented youngsters, new kid on the block Traphik and East Coast sensation Joey Bada$$ respectively. Dymez’s performance in ‘Fly Young Gentlemen’ sounds to me like a young Lupe Fiasco, he possesses a style of an articulated wordsmith as opposed to a gritty street emcee, and he has ‘likeability’ in abundance.

Dymez highly anticipated mixtape ‘A portrait of Donnovan’ is due out this year and there are big things expected of this young emcee, but considering he was releasing tracks as early as 2009 with his pop style Asher Roth cover ‘I hate Highschool’ he already has experience of producing music that people rapidly consume. In my opinion he has to tread a delicate line between being hiphop and hippop, and his record label will shoulder a lot of that responsibility image wise. My warning would be not to try and make him into some sort of rapping pop icon, keep true to the hiphop roots, and the success will come in pop culture. Tracks like ‘New Brooklyn’ and ‘Wake up free’ are great crossover tracks, hiphop tracks that should get regular radio play, and it shows Dymez and Warner Bros are getting the balance perfectly right now..

I’m buzzing for Monday night, The Barfly may not be the first venue in London you associate with budding hiphop talent but the intimate atmosphere should lend perfectly to this emcee who will buzz off the crowd interaction he’ll get as soon as he takes to the stage. You’ll find me in the front row.

By Michael Wilkins


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