Indigoism by The Underachievers (Review)

Review of Indigoism – The Underachievers

Honeymoon period over and yet the ‘Indigoism’ mixtape is still getting regular iPod rotation, this mixtape is seriously becoming one of my favourites of the year so far.

The Underachievers Indigo Mixtape review

Review of Indigoism mixtape by The Underachievers

When the mixtape was released early this year it was covered by many a blogger, and some gave it good reviews, but I think it’s better than that. In fact, this is one of the best hiphop albums to come out of New York for a long, long time. This gritty soundtrack to the Brooklyn streets takes you back to an age of real hip hop artistry, Wu Tang Clan, Nas and Mobb Deep are all sounds you can here in this album. The rawness, confidence and boldness remind me of 50 Cent’s hugely successful mixtape ‘Power of the Dollar’, not musically, but symbolically. ‘Indigoism’ takes you straight into Brooklyn, street level, hearing cars passing playing this at full volume for all to hear.

Lyrically its original, some of the concepts are rhymed magically in a story telling way that just floats over the tracks. The two emcees that make up The Underachievers (AK & Issa Dash) take turns to explain thoughts surrounding psychedelic drugs and their inner city surroundings with clever metaphors and interesting word plays in a to-and-fro fashion.

My stand out track from the mixtape is 6th sense. It’s a gem of a track, even though it’s only a touch over 3 minutes long it takes you on a journey of psychology, spirituality and life …

A lyrical taster from ‘6th Sense’;

Now you’re alive free from all the lies

Who knew our dreams would be the afterlife

Grab the rifle, shootin’ at stars is so delightful

Rippin’ out hearts, no one likes it like I do

The mixtape isn’t without its faults, some of the tracks aren’t as strong, but there are many standout tracks, ‘New New York’, ‘Gold Soul Theory’, ‘The Mahdi’, ‘Land of Lords’ and the youtube hit that got them signed ‘Herb Shuttles’. I think going forward, some work on chorus hooks will be needed, and it’ll be interesting to see what path of evolution The Underachievers take lyrically, but these emcees are definitely ones to watch for the future, and I cannot wait until they come over to the UK for their first show.

Best of all, the mixtape is available for free here…

Review by Michael Wilkins


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