Hiphop Legend KRS-One Comes to London

Hiphop Legend KRS-One Comes to London

Ladies and Gentleman, you have all been given a chance to witness a true great this coming June, KRS-One will be performing at The Garage, Islington on Saturday the 8th.

KRS-One Comes to London

KRS-One plays The Garage in London

KRS-One, the 47 year old Bronx native is a legend in the game, a huge influence to most of the biggest emcees in hiphop, and a pioneer for the genre as a whole. As one third of Boogie Down Productions aka BDP, ‘The Blastmaster’ burst onto the scene in 87’ with the classic album ‘Criminal Minded’, the track ‘9mm goes bang’ was a huge East Coast anthem, so much so 50 Cent used the track in his movie ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Having released 19 albums to date, KRS One has been one of the most active artists in hiphop, and it’s not a case of quantity over quality, some of the tracks through the years have been huge, not big, huge. The beauty of KRS’s discography is that of discovery, every hiphop fan will find tracks they love within his vast collection of tunes, for example ‘MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know’ has always been a favourite of mine (Ed – Snap mine too, love that track). His word play is exquisite, top level of the game, his intellectual off the wall style is unique, and the natural rhythm in his flow educated many an emcee since. This DJ Premier produced track is one of the most covered hiphop tracks with young budding emcees using the instrumental on a regular basis.

KRS-One is such a huge artist that you’d need thousands of words to summarise his career to date, but I’d prefer not to do that, I’ll leave that to someone else.  But what you need to do is, get online, get researching and check out his back catalogue, you will not be disappointed…

See you on the 8th of June everyone!

By Michael Wilkins


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