Top 5 on Your iPod – Charlie Bond

Top 5 On Your iPod – Charlie Bond

So anybody that loves British movies with a gritty edge will probably know Charlie Bond.  The London actress is best known for her roles in ‘The Fall of the Essex Boys’ and ‘Vendetta’.  Charlie took time out for her current filming schedule on new horror movie ‘Motorway’ in Brighton to talk to Music Eyz and share the current Top 5 tracks on her iPod.

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British film actress Charlie Bond tells us the Top 5 on her iPod

British film actress Charlie Bond tells us the Top 5 on her iPod

Top 5 on Your iPod

1 ‘Banquet’Bloc Party (Silent Alarm)
I’ve loved Bloc Party for a long time, and I was really really really looking forward to their new album ‘Four’, but really wasn’t blown away. It’s kind of them, but watered down, like all the rock and roll has been sucked out of them. I remember meeting the band once in my teens before a set in Leeds and thinking then that they were the least rock n roll people I’d ever met, drinking orange juice and reading comics before going on stage, but I’ll never forget seeing them go on and turn on the rock star charm. Here’s my favourite track from better days.

2 ‘Mission From God’The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster (Blood and Fire)
Another band from my adolescence, but refined and matured with age. I have loved everything they’ve ever created – I think when you truly love a band and what they are about then you will love everything they put out, even when it should be terrible. In 2011, the band split up, and I was just so gutted and went on an expensive search to fill the matchbox-shaped hole in my life. I needn’t have worried, as they reformed officially at a halloween reunion gig last year, and I hear great things about the sounds they are creating now from a guy that works in their local recording studio in Brighton. Until those sounds are released, I’m soothing my soul with Blood and Fire, their best album to date.

3 ‘Mon Raymond’Carla Bruni (Little French songs)
I think that Carla Bruni has the world’s most exquisite voice. Her much-anticipated new album is gorgeous, and even if you don’t understand what the songs are about you can just feel every ounce of emotion, mischief and down right Joie De Vivre throughout the album. ‘Mon Raymond’ is her ode to her husband, the former french president Nicolas Sarkozy. The track itself is just gorgeous, and there’s this line that makes my heart leap with joy to hear “And although he wears a tie, My Raymond is a Pirate. My Raymond is a pirate, yes!” – I get this incredible imagery of the former french president running around at home with the curtains closed, with a cutlass and eye-patch, and his tie tied around his head like Rambo. It makes me think of someone else like that.

Mon Raymond by Carla Bruni plays on Charlie Bond's iPod

Mon Raymond by Carla Bruni plays on Charlie Bond’s iPod

4 ‘(You Will) Set The World on Fire’David Bowie (The Next Day)
There isn’t a track on Bowie’s new album that I don’t love, but ‘(You Will) Set the World on Fire’  is my new favourite workout jam. It’s a bit different to the rest of the album, and I wouldn’t call it typical Bowie, but there’s something about it that motivates me – I feel like Bowie‘s talking to his younger self, and telling him about the icon he is to become. I think we all wish we could go back to our younger selves to reassure them that it will all turn out ok, that we don’t need to try too hard to be cool, or that trying to bleach our own hair with Domestos will be a disaster, but not the end of the world. Actually, I think that was just me…

David Bowie Set The World on Fire on Charlie Bond's iPod

David Bowie Set The World on Fire on Charlie Bond’s iPod

5 ‘Nuclear Seasons’Charli XCX (Nuclear Seasons)
I first met Charli at the premiere for ‘Elfie Hopkins’, a film my other half produced in 2011. Charli XCX did the soundtrack, and there was this great track ‘Lonely Jaguar’ that stuck with me for ages. I’ve been watching her release killer tune after killer tune, and couldn’t contain my joy when I heard this track playing in a shop recently. Her melodic, catchy sound is a little bit like what would happen if Marina Diamands and Gwen Stefani had a baby, that was then raised by the Spice Girls – she’s incredibly talented and has the entire world at her feet. This is possibly my favourite song on the list.


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