Paradise by Amari ft Heidi Anne (Review)

Review of Paradise by Amari ft Heidi Anne (Review)

Well we all love a bit of ‘Paradise’.  Even if its just a taste of Paradise in the form of a lovely Bounty chocolate bar. Well judging by the video to Amari‘s ‘Paradise’ this one wants a bit more.  Supercars, Range Rovers, bubbly, bling and flash venues.

Review of Paradise by Amari ft Heidi Anne

Review of Paradise by Amari ft Heidi Anne

Whilst the video is higly polished, I can’t say the upbeat, cheesy dance tune puts me in ‘Paradise’.  On first listen the tune smacks of a Eurovision Song Contest entry.  It really is Euro-pop.  I did think I may have been a little too harsh, so decided to take a second listen.  With the video off and the audio playing, the track was no better.  It is obviously made for a mainstream club audience, but for me it is just too painful to listen to.

Sadly this is not at all my idea of ‘Paradise’.  I am not sure who in the track is Heidi Anne and who is Amari as the voice(s) blend in to one.  Amari may even be the male, maybe the producer. Whilst this is obviously a strong directly worded review, I will try to find a positive.  The positive is that the girls actually don’t have awful voices.  I think they are completely over produced and they get lost in the up tempo tinny dance bedding.  It would be interesting to hear them sing on something a bit more laid back.

Sorry Amari and Heidi Anne, sadly this one isn’t for me.  Come back with something a little less Eurotrash and we will give it a listen.

Have we been a bit on the mean side for Amari and ‘Paradise‘? Let us know what you think by posting a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or adding a comment on the Music Eyz Facebook wall.


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