Next To You by Misty Miller (EP Review)

Review of Misty Miller Next To You EP

It’s time for the next blow-wave of female singer-songwriters. She’s young, she’s punky, she couldn’t be less like Adele and she’s called Misty Miller. If you’ve had enough of bellow-lunged songstresses,  the soon-to-be-released ‘Next To You’ EP from Misty Miller will add a little Tabasco to your Cappuccino.

The title track ‘Next To You’ is all about the efforts young women go to attract the attention of *those bastard men*.  It starts with an affecting litany of what she’s doing to get her together with her  man, then moves into a fast paced metaphorical shredding of his jockeys. It’s got a chunky bassline, noisy noisy drums and some slightly clunky innuendoes before shifting gear into greasy guitar solo mode for the last minute. The mosh pit will go nuts.

Misty Miller Next to You EP

Review of Next To You EP by Misty Miller

In ‘Anything For You’ this is a girl who knows what she wants and wishes her guy would bloody get on with it.  Raucous guitars on this one in a Libertines-like manner. She even rhymes ‘Maybe’ and ‘Baby’ and makes it sound affecting…. By the end Misty’s  given up on him and bloody right too.

The mid-set change of pace comes with ‘Wait’. This time her bloke needs her support before he makes a drastic decision. It’s quite simple in its structure but it will give the pogoers the chance for the sweat to dry and they’ll be singing along before the end.  A slower, iPhones-in-the-air moment, it’s a really nice vocal performance and demonstrates that she’s capable of more than rawking out.

I’m a sucker for an Elvis Costello-like pun and ‘Tea in China’ provides. The song – girl from the wrong side of the tracks falls for well-off partner – builds to a bold climax which should thrill a live crowd. I’ve compared Misty Miller to PJ Harvey before and this is where the comparison is closest, although Misty’s is a little more of a daytime vibe whilst PJ’s, of course, are more suitable for the dark.

The demo-like ‘I’ve Got Everything’, sounding like it’s recorded on an 8-track with a single mike.  She’s really *trying* here – that voice swoops and ducks and it’s exciting to listen to.

On the whole EP, nothing overstays its welcome, nothing lasts longer than four minutes.  I’ve assumed it’s all about blokes – I may be doing Misty Miller a disservice.  If she can match this level of excitement live, I think she’s going to be very big. Listening to this, I’d really like to see her, I’d like my daughter to see her  – I suspect she’s worth the hype.

Review by Steve Noble


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