Introducing Rich Cottell and Debut Single Hey Jessie J

Introducing Rich Cottell Debut Single ‘Hey Jessie J’

If you believe the PR blurb Rich Cottell is the kind of kid that when at school used to “collect Lego, and had an obsession for star wars that bordered on the neurotic.” Well, he probably wasn’t alone. You don’t have to look far on the big old Web to see that Rich Cottell has been out there for a while doing lots of great covers and using social media to get himself known. He talks to his viewers directly and through this medium you see that he is highly driven and has bags of musical talent. Rather than listen to the PR you are better looking at Rich Cottell‘s Facebook description “I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember and love to write my own songs, I started my youtube channel as I wanted people to hear my music and its grown from there.”

Hey Jessie J Rich Cottell

Introducing RIch Cottell new single Hey Jessie J

Rich is from Devon and in July plans to launch his first album. ‘Hey Jessie J’ is a great debut track for Rich – a refreshingly fun, tongue in cheek indie pop record exhibiting Rich‘s vocal ability and great songwriting content. The tone of his vocals are unique and we can’t wait to hear more from Rich.

If you like what you hear from Rich I would definitely recommend you checking out the following:

There are loads of blogs that give you a more in depth into Rich and his aspirations. As regular readers of this site know I always enjoy listening to new talent and with the right support I believe that Rich can go on to much bigger things. Watch this space…

By Doug Duffin


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